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Ami Dolenz has a unique style of art.
Ami Dolenz takes a break and sketches shots of the neighborhood.

Ami Bluebell Dolenz was born on January, 8th, 1969 in Los Angeles, California.  The daughter of Samantha Juste Dolenz (Top of the Pops) and Micky Dolenz (Monkees)  


Ami is an Artist, Author, and Actress, with a vast array of credits to her name.  From an early age, Ami has always aspired to be an Artist that was inspired by her mother and father.  


Ami has lived in England, Ireland, Mexico City and Acapulco.  She currently has dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada with her husband,  Actor and Youth Speaker,  Jerry Trimble.  

They have two dogs, Titan and Gracie, two cats, Evie and Kato and a gecko named Leo.  


Ami has written her first children’s book called Harold and Agatha: The Mysterious Jewel.  

She attends Art school at the prestigious, Emily Carr University in Vancouver, B.C. and has recently completed the Advanced Study Certificate in Illustration in the continuing studies program.  


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